Plan International Cambodia conducts its annual Reflection Learning Event on the implementation of the Healthy Start Program

ថ្ងៃច័ន្ទ ទី៣០ ខែឧសភា​ ឆ្នាំ២០២២      ម៉ៅ សំណាង
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Stung Treng - Plan International Cambodia conducts its annual Reflection Learning Event on the implementation of the Healthy Start Program from May 30th to 31st, 2022. It aims to share the program achievements, challenges, and lessons learned among NGO and government partners to improve the quality of implementing program methods and effective working mechanisms as well as to seek additional support and collaboration from all stakeholders for the next year. 



There are sixty participants from the Council for Rehabilitation for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD), the National Nutrition Program of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Rural Development, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, HURRIDO, Wattanapheap, Bondos Komar, and other relevant technical department from Ratanak Kiri, Stung Treng, and Siem Reap.


Mr. Hang Hybunna, Head of Program, Partnership, and Impact of Plan International Cambodia added that the Reflection Learning Event with relevant NGO partners will make all participants know about the progress of implementing the Healthy Start Program and identify areas for improvement or corrective actions, particularly the commitment of partners to better collaborate and coordinate with authorities and communities to implement effective healthy Start Program.



He said : “The goal of the program is “girls and boys are healthy, well-nourished, get optimal early learning and development through gender respective, social and behavioral change, accessibility and quality services, and end open defecation.”


The Healthy Start Program is one of the four core programs of the Plan International Cambodia. The “Healthy Start” core program consists of three key areas: Integrated nutrition, early childhood care development, and WASH. It focuses on young parents aged 15 to 24 and children under six years.



Plan International Cambodia is implementing the fourth strategic plan 2021-2016 for a five-year term, targeting 2.5 million girls, especially adolescent girls and young women in Cambodia. (1 million direct beneficiaries and 1.5 million indirect beneficiaries).




អង្គការ​​សំអា​តទន្លេសមុទ្រ តាំង​បង្ហាញស្នាដៃ​សិល្បៈដែល​កែច្នៃ​ពីសំ​រាម​ក្នុង​ទន្លេ

រដ្ឋម​ន្ត្រី​ប​រិស្ថា​ន​៖ កម្ពុជា​អាច​លក់​កាបូន​បាន ជារ​បត់ថ្មីមួយ​ដែល​អាចរ​កចំណូល​ពីការ​អភិរក្សធន​ធាន​ធម្មជាតិ

ក្រសួង​អភិវឌ្ឍន៍​ជនបទ រៀបចំការ​ប្រកួតប្រជែង​អត្ថបទ​លើប្រធានបទ ទឹកស្អាត អនាម័យ និងវិធី​បង្ការរោគ សម្រាប់​សិស្សថ្នាក់ទី​១២

សម្តេច​តេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន ស្នើឲ្យរដ្ឋមន្រ្តី​ការប​រទេស​អាស៊ាន បង្កើត​​កិច្ចព្រមព្រៀង​បៃតង​អា​ស៊ាន